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Balram River Geology The Indus River feeds the Indus submarine fan located in the Arabian Sea , which is the second largest sediment body on the Earth at around 5 million cubic kilometers of material eroded from the mountains. Studies of the sediments in the modern river indicate that the Karakoram Mountains in northern Pakistan are the single most important source of material, with the next largest contribution from the Himalaya, mostly via the large rivers of the Punjab the Ravi, Jhellum, Chenab and the Sutlej. Analysis of sediments from the Arabian Sea by marine geologists Peter Clift and Jerzy Blusztajn has demonstrated that prior to five million years ago the Indus was not connected to these Punjab Rivers, which instead flowed east into the Ganges. Earlier work, also by Peter Clift, showed that sand and silt from western Tibet was reaching the Arabian Sea as early as 45 million years ago, implying the existence of an ancient Indus River by that time. The delta of this proto-Indus river has subsequently been found in the Katawaz Basin, on the Afghan-Pakistan border. Most recently the Indus was paralleled by the ancient Saraswati River, which the Rigveda suggests flowed from the Himalaya between the Sutlej and the Yamuna Rivers, close to modern day Chandigarh.

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Sankanika who territory was present Gwalior ; Karaskar rule extended into present Mathura , Aligarh there are 80 villages of these Jats in this area at present and Kharparika. Ram Swarup Joon [3] writes The Bhullar gotra is found among the followers of all the three religions. They are spread all over the Punjab. They are related to Heir gotra. The state was counted amongst the Rajputana states. The state acceded to Pakistan on 7 October The region was once watered by the Hakra River , known as the Saravati in vedic times.

At one time there were forts in the area and archaeological finds around the Derawar Fort , the only place with a perennial waterhole, indicate that it was contemporaneous with the Indus Valley Civilisation.

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May 06,  · Bahawalpur is a major city in the southern Punjab that existed as an independent state for some years (since ). The state was founded by Nawab Muhammad Bahawal Khan Abbasi I.

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This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The Garuda Valley was the centre of their empire, which stretched many miles into the nearby Himalayas.

Explore Pakistan holidays and discover the best time and places to visit. | Pakistan is the difficult child of South Asia – blessed with abundant natural and historical riches, but plagued by political instability, which has kept the country off the radar for all but the most hardened explorers.

Bahawalpur princely state Map of Bahawalpur Division before they were axed in According to the Abbassi historians, the city of Bahawalpur was founded in by Nawab Muhammad Bahawal Khan Abbasi I, who ruled the area until the independent state joined Pakistan in The city which was once a princely state claimed to be one of the largest states of British India , more than kilometres long, and was ruled by Nawab Sadiq Muhammad Khan Abbasi V Bahadur [6] who decided to join Pakistan at the time of independence in A photograph of an inner market in central Bahawalpur, c.

He married a daughter of Raja Rai Dhorang Sahta, receiving a third of the country as a dowry. Amir Fathu’llah Khan Abbasi, is the recognized ancestor of the dynasty. Amir Muhammad Chani Khan Abbasi entered the imperial service and gained appointment as a Panchhazari in At his death, the leadership of the tribe was contested between two branches of the family, the Daudputras and the Kalhoras. Daud Khan , the first of his family to rule Bahawalpur, originated from Sind where he had opposed the Afghan Governor of that province and was forced to flee.

The state acceded to the Dominion of Pakistan on 7 October and was merged into the province of West Pakistan on 14 October

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The national flag is dark green, with a white vertical stripe at the hoist and a white crescent and five-pointed star in the center. The opening lines of the national anthem, sung in Urdu, are “Blessed be the sacred land, Happy be the bounteous realm, Symbol of high resolve, land of Pakistan, Blessed be thou citadel of faith. The rupee r is a paper currency of paisa.

There are coins of 1, 2, 5, 10, 25, and 50 paisa and of 1 rupee, and notes of 1, 2, 5, 10, 50, , , and 1, rupees. The metric system was introduced in and made mandatory as of 1 January

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In , the city’s population was recorded to have risen to , from , in The city is capital of Bahawalpur District.. The city was once the capital of the former princely state and later the province of Bahawalpur. The city was home to various Nawabs and counted as part of the Rajputana states.. The city is located near the historical and ancient cities of Uch and Harappa, which were once a stronghold of the Delhi Sultanate and Indus Valley Civilisation.

It has a very beautiful surrounding with a small lake with fish.. The trip to Lal Suhanra National Park is interesting for naturalists. The park was developed in , is the home of many animals and birds, including the rare chinkara gazelle and plentiful wild boar..

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Guest Famous places to visit in Bahawalpur are: The drive takes three to four hours through fasinating barren landscape. The cholistan desert covers 26, sq km 10, sq miles and extends into the Thar desert to India. The whole area was once well watered by the river Ghaggar, now called the Hakara in Pakistan, and known in vedic times as the Sarasvati.

All along the km miles of the dried-up river are over archaeological sites. Most of these date from the indus civilisation, 45,00 years ago, and are clustered round Derawar Fort, the only perennial water hole in the desert.

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Bahawalpur Bahawalpur is a city located in the Punjab province of Pakistan. Bahawalpur is the 15th largest city in Pakistan with an estimated population of , Bahawalpur forms part of the region of southern Punjab – a distinct region culturally influenced the the ancient cities of Multan and Uch Sharif. Founded in , Bahawalpur was the capital of the former princely state of Bahawalpur, ruled by ruling Abbasi family of Nawabs until

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Towns and villages Budhial Budhial is a village located about 25 kilometres from Talagang. This a beautiful village, and has many places worth seeing, like the Chashma Ankar which is located south of the village. A book named Tareekh-e-Budhial History of Budhial has been written on the history of village Budhial and the different sub-castes living in it. Budhial has an elementary school for boys, an elementary school for girls, a madrassah for boys and a madrassah for girls where girls and boys from different nearby villages are getting education.

Bahawalpur (Hindi: बहावलपुर, Punjabi/Urdu: بہاولپور) is a city in the Punjab province in Pakistan. Earlier Bahawalpur was a princely state, stretching along the southern bank of the Sutlej and Indus Rivers, with its capital city at Bahawalpur.

Pakistan is an agriculture based country and most of the population lives in the rural areas. Their life is simple, they have a cleaner pollution free environment and they eat simple, healthy and pure diet. The life in rural areas and Pakistani villages is worth seeing. Photo by Zaheer Chaudry. A Typical Pakistani Village. Look at the simple mud house.

Villagers life is also very simple. Photo captured and contributed by Syed Zaheer Abbas. A Village House in Punjab.

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