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History[ edit ] TheSpark. Most of TheSpark’s users were high school and college students. To increase the site’s popularity, the creators published the first six literature study guides called “SparkNotes” on April 7, This project was followed by the release of SparkCharts, reference sheets that summarize a topic; No Fear Shakespeare, transcriptions of Shakespeare’s plays into modern language; and No Fear Literature, transcriptions of literary classics like The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and The Scarlet Letter into modern language. SparkNotes has moved into educational publishing with books, such as Poetry Classics and FlashKids, a series of educational books for Kindergarten to grade 8 students. They also provide exercises for high school teachers. SparkNotes also has a section called SparkLife, a social section focused on non-educational topics for teens and young adults. This section of the site includes blogs, advice columns most notably by “Auntie Sparknotes” , contributed posts, and Open Threads, which members can use to chat with one another without commenting on a specific post. The regular users of Sparknotes are called “Sparklers”.

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Every single higher-up is at a Clave meeting. Anyone who isn’t is either insane with power, revenge, or a spy. Subverted with Magnus Bane. Physically he looks to be about nineteen, slightly older than the protagonists. But he is actually centuries old and thus technically more of an “adult” than even the oldest Shadowhunters. He is also incredibly useful.

Bureaucratic Speed Dating 9 Sep 9 Sep Elizabeth Schley, NBCT After 3 days of learning about the bureaucracy, our last day I wanted to assess student understanding in a way that was not a multiple choice test.

I hope your summer has been relaxing so far and I’m sorry to interrupt your regularly scheduled summer, but congratulations – you have been selected by your teachers to be a part of the AP Government class as seniors! This really says a lot about you, your work ethic, and what your professors think about you – this is a very selective class, so take pride in it. Let’s get this out of the way first – this is a full year class and yes, this is an advanced class as the AP implies, so there will be a lot of work readings and essays involved.

But don’t let that stop you from this endeavor because we will have a lot of fun doing so as well and I promise you, we will somehow, against all odds, make government and politics fun for your senior experience. Like I said, prestiege, fun, etc. But most importantly, you will be taking an exam in May and if you get a 3 or higher on said exam, most CUNY and SUNY schools will offer you college credit for it a 5 will guarantee credit for any college.

With that in mind, raise your hand if you can afford college straight up without any financial aid. So let’s buckle up, hunker down, and make the most out of your senior year! With that said, we need to hit the ground running when school starts up again. As such, I have a summer assignment for you that is due on September 7th. You may access it here. It’s a pretty simple assignment – all you need to do is read and annotate the Constitution as well as write an argumentative essay.

You have a whole month to complete this, so no excuses. Furthermore, if you’re feeling particularly ambitious, you can also check out the course syllabus and textbook under “Useful Links” and read Chapters 1 and 2 of the textbook.

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Thank the fighter-bomber and rotor-head egomaniacs. He becomes a civilian AID worker and he then goes about taking apart the VC infrastructure in the villages by Civic Action and fighting corruption. Vann networks finds allies and leading-by-example makes it happen. After the Tet offensive gamble decimates the VC to nothing, the provinces are secure, though back home in America public support for the war has collapsed. Which is what they do in

Speed dating lesson plan history guest blog by salinas, ap european history lymphatic massage after liposuction speed dating cooperative learning in los angeles and us this blog, i will share out my speed dating speed dating lesson plan history activity and how i used in my.

Wacky Wednesdays have made my students eager to come to class; they arrive full of anticipation and are excited to learn. The concept has transformed my classroom more than any other teaching practice. What is Wacky Wednesday? Wacky Wednesday is an outside-the-box lesson that breaks all the rules. Wacky Wednesday offers a challenge to be as creative as possible. It is not about silly creative or superficial creative, it is about making meaningful learning experiences in the most dynamic ways possible.

My goal is to get students out of their desks, have them interact as much as possible, and share their ideas based on the critical thinking they are doing with the text at hand. I got the idea for Wacky Wednesdays from James Cross, an AP teacher in California, who suggested Wednesday as a way to mix things up in the middle of the week. He showed a film or did a group activity—anything to break the routine. I started experimenting with my own version of Wacky Wednesday, and I quickly realized how eager my students were to find out what was in store for them and how much they enjoyed the learning experience planned for that day.


The first rule of Book Club is: The second rule of Book Club is: OK, sorry, couldn’t resist. About book club or literary speed dating We’ll invite people to a central London bar and hire a private area. You arrive, bringing with you the book you are currently reading you have to have started it.

Search the world’s information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

This has been partially accomplished by rejuvenating the idea of classroom blogging, but on an in-class basis, it will take much more than that. In previous years, my initial reaction would be, read the prologue, have students take notes, and most likely have a PowerPoint presentation accompany the lesson.

I have also encouraged them to do their own research online. A blog entry was assigned for students to describe their pilgrim in terms of profession, appearance, personality, religious devotion, and how closely they maintain the objectives of their profession. These were presented in class. I setup the room so that there were desks in pairs, lined up in rows. Students entered the room and randomly sat down. Next year, I will probably pre-assign their seating locations to avoid talkative friends from sitting next to each other.

These could be utilized during the speed dating.

How to Speed Date (with Pictures)

History of the Greek alphabet A history of Greek handwriting must be incomplete owing to the fragmentary nature of evidence. If one rules out the inscriptions on stone or metal, which belong to the science of epigraphy , we are practically dependent for the period preceding the 4th or 5th century AD on the papyri from Egypt cf. This limitation is less serious than might appear, since the few manuscripts not of Egyptian origin which have survived from this period, like the parchments from Avroman [13] or Dura , [14] the Herculaneum papyri , and a few documents found in Egypt but written elsewhere, reveal a uniformity of style in the various portions of the Greek world ; but some differences can be discerned, and it is probable that, were there more material, distinct local styles could be traced.

There was a marked difference between the hand used for literary works generally called ” uncials ” but, in the papyrus period, better styled “book-hand” and that of documents ” cursive ” and within each of these classes several distinct styles were employed side by side; and the various types are not equally well represented in the surviving papyri. The development of any hand is largely influenced by the materials used.

with “speed dating” rounds until each student/reformer has met all of the reformers in the room. 4. Once you have “met” all the reformers, choose the three reformers that are your best match and the three that you are least compatible.

Students must be able to read in order to effectively inquire, include, collaborate, curate, explore, and engage. And, as we all know, reading promotes lifelong learning. Creating a school environment in which students see reading is valued requires buy-in from all adults, not just the library staff. That said, the library staff can and should lead the charge. They provide positive reinforcement for our avid readers while encouraging our less enthusiastic readers to stop by the library to see what we have to offer.

Reading promotions remind our school community about one of the essential services we provide, and they send a message that our schools value reading. Most of the reading promotions my co-librarian, Elaine, and I sponsor at our school are ones we learned about at conferences or by reading library blogs and professional journals.

These programs provide a great way to encourage reading. This curated list of fifteen books provides high-quality, high-interest titles for us to promote with students. In March, we host a voting party for students who have read three or more titles. Because we actively promote these books each year, the Gateway Program is part of our school culture. The Gateway books are our most highly circulated items.

These are the titles our students talk about and recommend to each other. I think one reason students like the Gateway list is because it helps them to narrow their choices to a manageable number.

Multiple Choice Practice Activities

Bill One of the subjects interviewed by John Gottman, husband of Susan. Susan One of the subjects interviewed by John Gottman, wife of Bill. Brian Grazer An important American movie producer, who claims to have decided that Tom Hanks would be a box-office star within a few seconds of meeting him. Tom Hanks Academy Award-winning American actor and movie star. Sigmund Freud Influential Viennese psychologist who developed the idea of psychoanalysis.

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They come to class with glazed looks, and the bags under their eyes are often bigger than the sagging of their pants. I try to put on the neon hat and shock them into waking up and staying with me for another month, so any new strategy that tweets my way, I am willing to try. Flashback to why this strategy matters: One of the questions on the AP English Language and Composition exam requires students to respond to a prompt and compose an argument in which they use evidence from their own knowledge and experiences to build their credibility and prove their assertion.

I tell my kids: You need a big knowledge cloud that you can pluck from during the test. Because the more you build your credibility and show that you are thinking on paper, the better argument you will write. How do I create a topic dump with current events? First, I came up with the idea to give students a topic, i.

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She found that, by using infographics, her students could study, share their interpretations of events, and retain more information before the big test! Sometimes students and teachers lack the luxury to work on projects for extended periods of time. In my Modern World Studies course, we have deadlines for research that corollate with guest lectures or collaborations with other classes.

Start studying AP Euro Speed Dating Enlightenment. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

Open in a separate window For boys, the potential confounder relationship status was not significantly related to dating desire. In contrast, age and relationship experience were significantly related to dating desire, indicating that boys who were older and had more relationship experience reported more dating desire. After controlling for these variables, the significant main effects of attractiveness and social status were qualified by the interaction effect of attractiveness x social status.

For girls, the potential confounders age, relationship status, and previous relationship experience were not significantly related to dating desire. After controlling for these variables, significant main effects of attractiveness and social status were found, indicating that girls showed more dating desire in the attractive and in the high social status condition.

Dating desire was the dependent variable and age, relationship status, and previous relationship experience were included as covariates. This time, however, self-perceived mate value SPMV was included in the models as a moderator. For boys, no significant effects were found for the control variables relationship status and relationship experience. For girls, no significant effects were found for the control variables age, relationship status, and relationship experience.

Discussion Research on SST has been dominated by studies using young adult samples. When explicitly asked to rate various characteristics of a potential partner, boys rated attractiveness as more important than girls. Social status was not very important for both boys and girls. Finally, we found that self-perceived mate value moderated the relationship between attractiveness and dating desire for both boys and girls.

Dracula(AP Lit)

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