Bob’s Burgers, Seasons on iTunes

Bob’s Burgers, Seasons on iTunes

The restaurant receives a negative review from a vicious food critic. Download Season 5 Episode 1: Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl When Gene’s “Die Hard”-inspired musical doesn’t get picked for the school’s fall performance, he decides to stage an underground show with the help of Louise. But Wagstaff Middle School families begin to feud when they learn that Eugene has planned his show on the very same night as Courtney’s school-sanctioned “Working Girl”-inspired musical. Download p p Episode 2: Tina and the Real Ghost Tina begins an out-of-this-world romance with a ghost that is believed to be living in the Belcher’s basement.

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On August 23, , six further scripts have been ordered. Episode 2 Full Bars air day: Episode three Bob Fires the Youngsters air day: Episode four Mutiny on the Windbreaker air day:

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Belcher family[ edit ] The Belcher family is a family who runs the family business called Bob’s Burgers. Loren Bouchard described their ethnicity: But in a perfect world, we’d have the show about a sort of Greek-Armenian-Italian-Jewish-German polyglot. He is a third-generation restaurateur, as his father owns a diner, and currently the proprietor of his eponymous burger restaurant Bob’s Burgers in a shore town. The Season 5 episode ” Father of the Bob ” begins with a flashback set 30 years prior in which a young Bob states that he is 14 years old, making him 44 in the episode’s present.

It is also mentioned in the episode that Bob’s mother had died sometime prior to the series’ beginning.

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Why you should watch: No other series on TV manages to combine absurd humour, sly parody, wanton violence and genuine humanity like this. And the music rocks.

Bob’s Burgers centers on the Belcher family (consists of Bob, Linda, Tina, Gene and Louise) who own a hamburger restaurant. Bob’s burgers are really delicious and appear to be better than his rivals’ but when it comes to selling burgers, his kids aren’t really helpful, as more customers head over to Jimmy Pesto’s restaurant.

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Shy, painfully weird, butt-obsessed, quietly dorky, intensely daydreamy Tina. Tina is a little bit like all of us and—cough—a lot like some of us at that most graceless, transitional, intrinsically unhappy stage of life that is early adolescence. Oldest children are smart and accomplished or bratty and rebellious, but always outspoken and confident: To quote Saraiya once more:

A biker gang hangs out at Bob’s Burgers as they mourn the loss of their beloved leader “Horny Dave”. Meanwhile, Louise has an identity crisis when her bunny ears are stolen and everyone – including the biker gang – rallies around her.

Music, too, has played a significant part in the show, allowing characters to go off-script at times or reveal their inner motivation through song. Paste already documented several memorable musical moments from the show. Even with three kids and constant financial pressure to make the rent, they have managed to keep the fires burning long into their marriage. And so what better way to reconnect than date night? She knows how to dream and dream big, so when envisioning her night out on the town with her Bobby, she lets her imagination run wild.

Parents everywhere might agree with the sentiment. The boyz attempt to de-commercialize Halloween and turn it back into the love fest it was originally supposed to be.


Jan 9, In the series premiere episode, Bob rallies the team to cook up some business, so he sends middle child Gene to push samples in the streets, eldest daughter Tina to work the grill and youngest daughter Louise to staff the counter. The day takes an unexpected turn when the health inspector pays a visit because of a little rumor Louise started during “show and tell” at school. Jan 16, When Bob learns that Linda’s mother is coming for a visit, he wants nothing to do with it.

Linda has been cracking the whip at home, making sure every shelf has been dusted and every bed has been made. When she discovers a leak in the roof, she sends Bob to fix it, but he gets stuck in a wall, leaving Linda and the kids to entertain their guests and run the restaurant.

Feb 08,  · Bob’s Burgers: By: Skees Meanwhile, in the spirit of the romantic holiday, Linda sets up a speed-dating event at the restaurant that doesn’t go exactly as planned, thanks to a meddlesome Sergeant Bosco, guest-voiced by Gary Cole (Desperate Housewives, Office Space).

It premiered in January of and though there were mixed reviews over the first season, it quickly became a popular and beloved animated series with every season that has come out. The show is about Bob Belcher and his family as they work at their family-owned restaurant named, Bob’s Burgers. While Bob is very hardworking and great at making burgers, he has a bit of an unlucky streak and not so great business management, which leads to the Belcher family scrapping by, and not doing as well as the more successful of their competition.

It also doesn’t help that Bob’s children often get involved in antics that cause problems. Louise, the youngest is often the instigator of said antics and drags her siblings Gene, the only boy, and Tina, the oldest. And Bob’s wife Linda has a very fun loving attitude but more than often, encourages the kids and their behavior. Despite their flaws, the Belcher family loves one another and always comes together in times of crisis.

Bob’s Burgers Season 3 Review “My Fuzzy Valentine” and “Lindapendent Woman”

Animation , Comedy Bob’s Burgers follows a third-generation restaurateur, Bob, as he runs Bob’s Burgers with the help of his wife and their three kids. Bob and his quirky family have big ideas about burgers, but fall short on service and sophistication. Despite the greasy counters, lousy location and a dearth of customers, Bob and his family are determined to make Bob’s Burgers “grand re-re-re-opening” a success.

Seasons and Episodes Specials 2 Episodes 1:

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“Bob’s Burgers” My Fuzzy Valentine (TV Episode )

When Louise believes her bunny ears were incinerated in “Ear-sy Rider. What’s for lunch today? That’s what I had yesterday! Bob in “Turkey in a Can” when he sees his Thanksgiving turkey in the toilet. Bob does this a lot. Bob’s reaction to seeing paintings of anuses hanging on his restaurant’s walls.

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This ranking of every holiday episode thus far highlights the greatest strengths of the series: This episode just reminds me that Gayle is the kind of character who works best in smaller doses or as an important part of the ensemble rather than the main focus, since she can go from the funniest and saddest rendition of a crazy cat lady to a grating presence pretty quickly.

Fishoeder singing a boozy Christmas song while his brother, Felix, ice-skates to a somewhat racy number. A day wasted and a lot of money later, Linda appreciates the lengths Bob goes to even if he was misremembering things — the game is from a first date he had with a completely different woman. It includes a harebrained plot by the kids to trap Santa, the realization that Tina still believes in Santa at 13, and a disgruntled, surprisingly short man targeting the family while driving a candy-cane truck.

This Thanksgiving episode involves Bob waking up horrified to find the turkey he was marinating in the toilet.

The Kids Learn About The Bleaken

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